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About us

Integrity Action is an international development organisation which helps citizens to monitor vital projects and services where they live, and to solve the problems they find.

We work with partners in diverse contexts to implement citizen monitoring initiatives.

In March 2023 Integrity Action merged with Crown Agents Limited to provide an ‘end-to-end’ approach to strengthening accountability and effectiveness in aid and development programmes. 

The team

Meet the team behind Integrity Action.


Funding and finance

Secure and diverse funding enables us to operate effectively.



Read about our governance structure and download key reports and documents.



We believe in the idea that 'no goal should be met unless it is met for everyone'. 


Our Vision

is for a just and equitable world, where citizens are empowered and integrity is central to vibrant societies.

Our Mission

is to help build societies in which all citizens can – and do – successfully demand integrity from the institutions they rely on.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Equality
  • Rational creativity
  • Purposeful curiosity
  • Collaboration

Operating Principles

  • We are bold, and not afraid to question the status quo - or ourselves
  • We act responsibly and listen to and act on the views of the people we work with
  • We are open about our successes and failures, and open in our engagement with partners and people
  • We are constructive, and believe problems can best be solved when everyone's needs are recognised.
  • We care about impact, and about people - we strive to ensure our work is enjoyable, inclusive and fulfilling for all concerned

Our approach and purpose is set out in more detail in our 2023-28 strategy, as well as our Theory of Change. Our current strategy focuses us on three objectives:

1.ACHIEVE. We will achieve results for citizens that maximise quality, durability, and inclusivity

2.AMPLIFY. We will collaborate to amplify results, fuel further innovation, and embed citizen-centred accountability

3.ACCELERATE. We will build and share a robust case for citizen-centred accountability to catalyse its effective mainstreaming 

You can read about our progress in our annual reports, here.


Integrity Action (formerly known as Tiri) was founded in 2003, and changed its name to Integrity Action in 2012. The DevelopmentCheck mobile app was launched in 2014 and its development continues.

In the past, Integrity Action has been involved in setting up other organisations which have gone on to become independent entities. 

Publish What You Fund, an international campaign for aid transparency, was conceived and incubated as an Integrity Action programme. In 2011, Publish What You Fund became an independent NGO.

Integrity Watch Afghanistan  which focuses on community monitoring, research and advocacy to increase transparency, accountability, and integrity in Afghanistan was set up in 2005. Integrity Action provided support to the organisation during its early years and continues to partner with Integrity Watch today.