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Green Accountability

The Climate Emergency is the most pressing issue of our time. Integrity Action enables citizens to play a vital part in the climate decisions that affect their lives.

Less than 10% of climate funding has been prioritised for local activities

At Integrity Action, we know that citizens can add transformational value to decisions on where and how climate financing is spent. Our citizen-centred green accountability approach places individuals and civil society at the heart of climate finance flows and puts a strong emphasis on climate justice. Local communities, and other vulnerable and marginalized populations can be harmed in the transition to a sustainable future if not protected and consulted. We need to support a Just Transition, and it is essential that citizens around the world are supported to co-create solutions and hold their leaders accountable. We are proud members of the  World Bank’s GPSA Green Accountability platform bringing together like-minded organisations who prioritise transparency, accountability, and participation in climate action.  

Carbon Integrity Monitors: The voluntary carbon market (VCM) holds immense potential to mobilize climate finance, uplift local communities, and drive decarbonisation. However, benefits aren’t always reaching communities. Despite safeguarding 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity, Indigenous groups only receive 1% of climate finance. 

Introducing an innovative combination of technology and accountability, Carbon Integrity Monitors centres around local communities, shifting the power and providing transparent data in real time. By ensuring a project’s carbon, social and environmental integrity, we can pave the way for the VCM to fulfil its intended purpose for both People and Planet: by improving the quality of carbon projects and ensuring meaningful and equitable benefits are provided to those communities where the carbon projects are located.  


Renewable Energy for a Just Transition: Decarbonising the global economy requires developing – and connecting – renewable ‘green’ energy sources at a rapid pace. Integrity Action is working with local organisations to support communities to monitor the construction through to the delivery of healthcare and other public services powered by renewable solar energy and to solve problems as they emerge. 

CSO & Public Bodies Strengthening in Green Accountability: Integrity Action will provide our expertise to organisations and governmental bodies who want to develop and implement citizen-centred accountability mechanisms to improve their climate adaptation or mitigation activities. We will provide inclusive and safe platforms for citizens voice to be heard and support them to interact and work collaboratively with duty bearers.