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Yetu Initiative – increasing the self-reliance of Kenyan CSOs

Grant Amount
US $147,885
Oct 2020 - Sep 2022

In a country where civil society efforts make a real difference for local communities, this initiative aims to foster a stronger eco-system for Kenyan civil society organisations.

Yetu means “ours” in Swahili, and the Yetu Initiative supports the formation, engagement, strengthening and positioning of Local Development Organization LDO(s) in five counties in Kenya - Nakuru, Makueni, Isiolo, Kisii and Mombasa.

The programme supports local Kenyan organizations to build a collective voice for their county’s citizens that empower them to solve their own problems and promote equitable participation by women and young people.

Integrity Action’s monitoring approach is integrated into the programme to give citizen monitors the tools to demand equitable local development.

This Yetu Initiative empowers Kenyans to say, “These are our concerns, these are our solutions and these are our contributions.” This Initiative is supported by the Aga Khan Foundation and USAID.