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SindhupalCheck: Citizen Monitoring of Swiss Solidarity Funded Projects in Sindhupalchowk

Grant Amount
CHF 63,738
Oct 2016 – Feb 2018
Swiss Solidarity

This initiative engaged citizens to monitor a house reconstruction programme in Sindhupalchowk, the area most severely affected by the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

With funding from the humanitarian foundation Swiss Solidarity, non-government organisations Helvetas and Solidar supported the reconstruction of homes and essential infrastructure. Our mobile app SindhupalCheck allowed volunteer monitors from affected communities to report progress on the house reconstruction process, and the information was uploaded in real-time to a public website which was also accessible to the NGOs. Through the app, volunteer monitors highlighted problems that were hindering the reconstruction effort – problems that otherwise would have gone unaddressed. As an integral part of the approach the app is populated by the volunteer monitors, who alone can upload a problem and – importantly – mark it as fixed.

This initiative was implemented by partner organisations Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation (CAHURAST) and Youth Initiative.