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School-centred accountability

Kenya, Nepal and more
Grant Amount
2023 - onwards

Integrity Action has found a highly innovative, proven approach where students aged 14-18 co-create solutions to improve the education system - the Integrity Clubs model. It has been piloted with local partners in 500 schools across 5 countries from 2017 - 2022 with impressive results. Watch here to see how Integrity Clubs work:  

  • Nepal: Students with disabilities secure eye tests for all 

  • Afghanistan: Ensuring teachers turn up to work 


The model steps away from the outdated approach where students are passive recipients of education and embraces their power by developing their independent and critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and by increasing engagement in the classroom and community.  

We are scaling up the initiative, starting with Kenya, Nepal, Ghana and Zambia. 

Contact  for further information.