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Green Accountability

Grant Amount
2023 - onwards

In the response to the climate crisis there is a need to ensure that citizens have a say in directing funding, implementing solutions, and capturing the real impact that is being felt by communities, all whilst holding decision-makers accountable.  Integrity Action is currently developing programming in:  

  • Renewable Energy for a Just Transition: Decarbonising the global economy requires developing – and connecting - renewable ‘green’ energy sources at a rapid pace. Integrity Action will work with local organisations to support communities to monitor the construction through to the delivery of services powered by renewable energy and to solve problems as they emerge. The primary focus of this project will be healthcare facilities powered through solar electrification. 


  • CSO & Public Bodies Strengthening in Green Accountability: Integrity Action will provide our expertise to organisations and governmental bodies who want to develop and implement citizen-centred accountability mechanisms to improve their climate adaptation or mitigation activities. We will provide inclusive and safe platforms for citizens voice to be heard and support them to interact and work collaboratively with duty bearers.  


  • Accountability in Carbon Offsetting: Many carbon projects are required to deliver benefits to the communities around them such as revenue sharing and/or social infrastructure provision. In reality, these promises are often not delivered, or delivered to a poor standard. We want this to change. Through our approach, citizens will monitor if the community benefits agreed by carbon projects are actually delivered.  


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