Who We Are

Integrity Action is an organisation and an active network of committed NGOs, universities and policy makers, working closely with governments, media organisations, businesses and our peers to identify ways of making integrity work in some of the world’s challenging settings.

We believe that integrity offers the single largest opportunity for the advancement of equitable and sustainable development worldwide. We view integrity as the set of characteristics that improves trustworthiness to stakeholders. Without integrity, measures to safeguard human rights, protect the environment, strengthen democracy, promote social equity and reduce poverty are compromised. In the absence of integrity the corrupt flourish.


Our vision is for a just and equitable world, where citizens are empowered and integrity is central to vibrant societies.


Our mission is to help build societies in which all citizens can - and do - successfully demand integrity from the institutions they rely on.


  1. Deliver high-impact, locally-driven, scalable responses to concrete integrity challenges through collaborative partnerships, local problem solving, capacity development and the mobilisation of a critical mass of integrity builders;
  2. Conduct action learning by gathering empirical evidence, supporting policy research, peer exchanges and independent evaluation, sharing tools and knowledge widely through networks of civil society organisations, universities, training institutions and media partners;
  3. Engage with policy makers, citizens and institutional leaders, accessing information and advocating for policies and practices, and setting new integrity standards, where needed;
  4. Strengthen our partners and Integrity Action as vibrant organisations that are fit for purpose and growth.