Jun 9, 2015Blog

Integrity Action is a UK based not-for-profit organisation, whose mission is to empower citizens to act with and demand integrity, actively taking part in building institutions to promote a state that is open, accountable and responsive to their needs and expectations. Without integrity, measures to safeguard human rights, protect the environment, strengthen democracy, promote social equity and reduce poverty are compromised.

Jun 2, 2015Blog

Guest blog from Mélissa Jaar, student intern with Luta Hamutuk

On 8th May 2015, 37 high school seniors and 3 of their teachers gathered on the rooftop of the Colégio São Miguel, Dili, for a briefing with Luta Hamutuk. This was the first briefing of its kind that has been organised this year, in order for Luta Hamutuk to engage with students and teach them about integrity, as part of their Community Integrity Building programme.

Jun 2, 2015

From the desk of Joy Saunders, Chief Executive Officer, June 2015

May 6, 2015Blog

Guest blog from William Spearing, student intern with National Taxpayers Association 

On April 13-15, the National Taxpayer’s Association (NTA), Integrity Action’s partner in Kenya, held a three day training on Community Integrity Building (CIB), in Nairobi, for NTA staff. Also in attendance were representatives from Transparency International, Kenyan National Council of Churches, and Institute for Economic Governance.

Apr 27, 2015Blog

Integrity Action’s newest partner, Kenya’s National Council of NGO’s (non-governmental organisations), have committed to rolling out the use of the GrantCheck tool to track and publish data on all NGO funding flows within Kenya. The National Council of NGO’s comprises all registered NGOs in Kenya, including international, regional and national NGOs operating in the country and membership numbers currently stand at around 8,500.

Apr 10, 2015Blog

Building greater integrity in Palestine - from grassroots to government

Apr 8, 2015Blog

Guest blog from Mélissa Jaar, student intern with Luta Hamutuk

Mar 12, 2015Blog

Guest blog from Hamid Gbawuru Marah in Sierra Leone

Mar 11, 2015Press Release

The 9th of March was a big day for international development as the International Development Bill became law. This is the first time that the UK has legally committed to giving a set amount of aid. This also makes the UK the first G7 country to meet the UN’s target of contributing 0,7% of a countries Gross National Income each year to developing countries.

Feb 3, 2015Blog

“DevelopmentCheck is transformational in terms of gathering citizen feedback and generating positive change to improve development outcomes”

Joy Saunders, Integrity Action CEO

In December 2014, Integrity Action reached a milestone when we published the 200th development project monitored by our partners on DevelopmentCheck.org. Today, there are 203 projects from partners in 11 countries, with a total value of over $220,000,000 live on DevelopmentCheck.org.