Nov 1, 2018Blog

Try the following 3-step exercise.


May 30, 2018Blog

This blog was written by Derek Thorne, who recently partook in a conference organised by Hewlett in Uganda. 


"Between you and the President, who is the boss?"

May 11, 2018Press Release

Today we announce that Fredrik Galtung has decided to leave Integrity Action, having brought the organisation to its strongest ever position. He co-founded Integrity Action almost 15 years ago and he led the organisation, first as CEO, and then as President.

Apr 24, 2018Blog

The power imbalance that exists between humanitarian and development agencies and the people they are trying to help in challenging contexts has long been acknowledged by both sectors. As holders of money and resources, agencies and organisations are the ones that are making the biggest decisions in what interventions delivered on the ground looks like.

Mar 28, 2018Blog

This is a blog by Beth Turner, Program Development Coordinator at Integrity Action, who reflects on two events she attended in March 2018 that highlighted the impact that technology could-and is- having on the development sector. 

Mar 1, 2018Blog

Following our visit to Colombia last September, Integrity Action again had the opportunity to explore applying Community Integrity Building (CIB) to efforts of Post-War Recovery with future academics in the field. 

Feb 27, 2018Blog

Integrity Action works with communities in contexts where corruption impacts service delivery for people who are in most need. To tackle this problem we partner with amazing local organisations who bring their expertise, to ensure that together we bring about substantive change. 

Feb 21, 2018Blog


In October 2016 Integrity Action (IA) launched a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Strategy. This five year strategy will mainstream GESI within the organisation, meaning that GESI will be engrained within all aspects of IA: in its thinking, planning and operations.

The ultimate goal of the GESI Strategy is: