May 4, 2016Blog
Community meeting facilitated by Luta Hamutuk

There are many barriers that prevent women from participating in community integrity building and community development in Timor-Leste.

Apr 1, 2016Blog

This “Closing the Loop” piece comes from Feedback Labs Collaboration Fund winners. In Fall 2015, Integrity Action, Ground Truth Solutions, Youth Initiatives, Local Interventions Group, and Accountability Lab won US$20,000 to implement and experiment with closing the loop for earthquake victims in Nepal.

Mar 21, 2016Blog

Integrity Action awarded a small grant to the Library-Cultural Centre for Persons with Disabilities - known as ”Tanadgoma” - to conduct, together with the Georgian Technical University (GTU), an Autumn Camp in Tbilisi,  organised by GTU Associate Professor Khatuna Chapichadze. The Integrity Camp took place at “Tanadgoma”, hosting 13 participants, 11 GTU students and 2 beneficiaries of ”Tanadgoma”. The camp included thematic study sessions on Integrity, corruption and anti corruption.

Mar 14, 2016Blog
As the need for developing ecological consciousness in the present generation is globally acknowledged, doing so with school age children is most pressing. Children going to public schools in urban areas in Nepal are largely domestic child workers. Therefore, raising their self-esteem and promoting eco-friendly behaviour in them is very challenging, just because of the lack of tools and materials available to them.
Mar 14, 2016Blog

A new Integrity Youth Circle has started at the Far Western University in Nepal, led by Suraj Joshi, president of the FWU Integrity Youth Circle and Prof. Sheelnidhi Chand, who is the students’ resource person for integrity education in the Far Western University and HoD of the Education Faculty. 

Jan 26, 2016Blog

We are very happy to announce a new resource is available for learning more about integrity: our 2 'Integrity Challenges' that are designed like a video game for learning to identify ethical, integrity and unethical behaviours.  This challenge asks the player to watch the film and when a set of behaviours show up on the screen, click the words reflecting on unethical and corrupt behaviours.  Note that since we focus on integrity, we include misconduct, maladministration, and other negative behaviours that may not be formally defined as corruption.  

Jan 14, 2016Blog

During 2015, Integrity Action and UNDP Global Anti-Corruption Initiative (GAIN) entered into a partnership to deliver a suite of knowledge management tools that equips citizens and institutions to act with and demand integrity.

I am thrilled to announce the publication of the following tools:

Four case studies on the benefits of citizen engagement and closing the feedback loop

These case studies were written with the kind support of UNDP GAIN:

Jan 8, 2016Blog


In December 2015, we launched a global giving campaign to raise at least US $5,000 toward our Nepal post-earthquake integrity building project. We did it! On behalf of Integrity Action and our friends and colleagues, I just want to say a massive thank you to all of you who have donated to our project in Nepal.

Jan 4, 2016Blog

As part of Integrity Action’s support to Luta Hamutuk, our partner in East Timor, a national HUB [1]training was designed and delivered from December 3rd to December 5th 2015. This HUB training, prepared in partnership with the Dili Institute of Technology, was conceived in order to train district administrators on what it takes to become integrity leaders.