May 5, 2017Blog

On the 27th of April 2017, Beth Turner of Integrity Action attended a panel discussion ‘Doing good without bribery’ hosted by Transparency International. This was a part of Transparency International UK’s free e-learning course launch designed to ‘help businesses and NGOs combat corruption in their work’.

Mar 16, 2017Blog

On the 28th of February Integrity Action and the Teachers Creativity Center (TCC) held a Lil Nazaha conference for partners, donors and other relevant stakeholders in Ramallah, Palestine. The main aim of this conference was for participants to be able to explore how they could work together towards achieving greater integrity and social accountability. This included discussions around gender equality and poverty reduction measures.

Feb 27, 2017Blog

Integrity Action oversees the Network for Integrity in Reconstruction (NIR), which is made up of partner NGOs from Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia. The NIR provides a platform for sharing lessons learnt and best practice, encouraging all network members to improve their approach. Every month we will introduce you to one of our local partners from the NIR; telling you who they are, where they work, and what it is they do.

                                                           February: Integrity Watch Afghanistan

Feb 1, 2017Blog

Guest blog by Dimitri Katz


The temperature falls. 

Jan 26, 2017Blog

On Wednesday January 18th 2017, Edward Irby and I (Sean Darby) from Integrity Action visited the University of York to give a lecture to students studying an MA in Post-war Recovery Studies. This MA, which focuses on teaching students about development in states which have recently emerged from conflict, is run by the Politics Department. As much of Integrity Action’s work focuses on fragile states and post-war countries the course administrators see an added value in us presenting our work to their students.

Dec 16, 2016Blog

On 10th November, Community Integrity Building (CIB) Programme Manager Edward Irby travelled to Oslo to give a presentation to Integrity Action partners at the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD). Integrity Action and NORAD have a longstanding relationship, working together since 2005 to improve governance and services for citizens.

Dec 13, 2016Blog
school 1

Blog from CEO Jasmina Haynes

Discussions around lasting development emphasise the importance of strengthening community action. However, is it really possible for people living in poverty, rather than national and international actors to contribute to system changes? And if so, why and how does this happen?

Nov 24, 2016Blog

Guest blog by Nikita Manandhar

When I first began working at Youth Initiative, I had the opportunity to work with young students from ten schools within Sindhupalchowk, a rural district of Nepal that has been severely hit by the earthquake in 2015. The shared principles and values of Youth Initiative and Integrity Action has cemented my belief that a child has just as much potential of becoming a changemaker as its parents. I have also come to understand that real change in a community happens when it comes from within.

Nov 8, 2016Blog

Blog from Integrity Action staff member Andrew Hassan

Oct 31, 2016Blog

Blog from new CIB staff member Valentine Lecluse

This October, for the first time ever I attended the annual Integrity Action Partner Community Integrity Building (CIB) workshop, held this year in Kenya. 13 different organisations based in 9 different countries, including Afghanistan, Liberia and Nepal, were gathered to share their experiences, challenges and successes implementing CIB over the last year.