Jan 30, 2015Blog

Join us for the 11th edition of the global Integrity Leadership Course  July 6-11, 2015 Central European University, Budapest, Hungary 

The “Leadership and Management for Integrity” course at the Central European University (CEU) seeks to impart the principles, strategies and applied skills necessary to equip practitioners to effectively diagnose integrity gaps and – most importantly - to implement strategies for addressing them.

Jan 20, 2015Blog

In November 2014, Integrity Action conducted Teaching Integrity Workshops (TIW) in Kvareli, Georgia and in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia. In Georgia, 22 academics from the Caucasus International University, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi Teaching University Gorgasal and Tbilisi School participated and in Armenia 24 academics from the European Regional Educational Academy, Gyumri State Pedagogical University and Public Administration Academy took part.

Jan 20, 2015Blog

In November 2014, under the guidance of Professor Olga A. Litsenberger, Chair of the Russian State and Law and Integrity Action’s local programme coordinator, a student poster competition was launched on “Business and anti-corruption: building integrity behavior”. The competition was open to high school students from the city and region of Saratov, as well as undergraduate, master and post-graduate students of the P.A. Stolypin Institute of Public Administration.

Jan 20, 2015Blog

David Bonbright and Fredrik Galtung share their views on the World Bank’s commitment to beneficiary feedback.

Dec 8, 2014Blog

The launch of the first ever cross-Whitehall strategy for tackling corruption is a major milestone in the UK's efforts to combat corruption at home and abroad, said a coalition of leading non-governmental organisations today.

Nov 6, 2014Blog

In response to the Independent Commission on Aid Impact’s report: ‘DFID’s Approach to Anti-Corruption and its Impact on the Poor’, Integrity Action has signed a joint letter with several other NGOs:

The Independent Commission on Aid Impact report on ‘DFID’s Approach to Anti-Corruption and its Impact on the Poor’ highlights the importance of tackling corruption around the world.

Oct 31, 2014Blog

By Fredrik Galtung, President

The Independent Commission on Aid Impact has conducted an assessment of DFID’s anti-corruption work from a pro-poor perspective. There have been numerous evaluations of anti-corruption efforts in recent years, but this is the first that I’m aware of that looks at the issue explicitly from the viewpoint of the poor. 

Oct 31, 2014Blog

October 17-18, 2014 Ramallah, Integrity Action staff joined our partner in Palestine, the Teacher Creativity Centre (TCC), as they trained 32 teachers from 16 schools in Community Integrity Building (CIB).

Oct 30, 2014Blog

By Dr. Harutyun Aleksanyan, August 2014

Education is an important component of integrity building in any society to empower citizens to act with and demand integrity. Universities have a unique role in teaching and preparing future professionals for the workplace with all its challenges.