Apr 19, 2014Blog

London (United Kingdom), 4 April 2014 - Truly sustainable development can only be achieved if citizens have the knowledge and voice to shape priorities, air grievances and hold governments to account. As we approach a new set of development goals post-2015, civil society organisations across the world are identifying how best to support new information technologies and innovative forms of citizen reporting, enabling them to monitor progress and to hold governments to account for the promises they make.

Apr 7, 2014Blog

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), On 2 April 2014 there was a roundtable on the results of the Business Environment and Enterprise Performance survey (BEEPS). This roundtable was organised by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  (EBRD) in Kyrgyzstan.

Apr 4, 2014Blog

Poster and Video Contests for High School, College and Undergraduate University Students

Topic: "What Would It Be Like to Live in a World Without Academic Integrity?"

Prizes ranging from an iPad Mini (for best video) to Amazon.com gift cards (for best poster).  2nd and 3rd place winners in each category will also receive Amazon.com gift cards in amounts ranging from $250 to $50.

Mar 27, 2014Blog

Hungary – building an integrity revolution

Over the last nine years, Integrity Action has facilitated annual Integrity Leadership Courses at the Central European University (CEU). Through these courses we aim to offer world-class integrity training to practitioners (academics, NGO, government and business leaders), students and public officials on practical skills-based integrity approaches. 

Mar 24, 2014Blog

Integrity Action, en partenariat avec la Foundation for Human Rights Initative (FHRI), est heureux d'annoncer notre "Cours en Leadership pour l’Intégrité en Afrique". Le cours aura lieu le 12 au 15 mai, 2014  à Kampala, Ouganda.

Le "Cours en Leadership pour l’Intégrité en Afrique" (CLIA) est conçu pour les dirigeants de la société civile, des fonctionnaires et des universitaires de l'Afrique, qui participent activement et favorisent un état qui est ouvert, responsable et sensible aux besoins et aux attentes des citoyens.

Mar 20, 2014Blog

Integrity Action, in partnership with the Foundation for Human Rights Initative (FHRI), is delighted to invite application to our upcoming Integrity Leadership Course for Africa: "Empowering Professionals to Lead with Integrity". The course will take place between May 

12-May 15, 

2014 (Monday – 

Thursday) in 



Mar 10, 2014Blog

What happens when you bring civil society activists from Afghanistan, Liberia and Sierra Leone together with tech savvy Young Innovations from Nepal to build integrity?  As we’ve been learning since we started working on ICT-enhanced citizen feedback – a lot.

Mar 5, 2014Blog

Integrity Action is committed to reducing corruption through building a just and equitable world where citizens are empowered to act with and demand integrity. We work with civil society to help communities, especially the poor, receive better public services in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Looking back at 2012/2013 we wanted to take the opportunity to share some country highlights:

Mar 5, 2014Blog

To date, many natural resource rich countries are plagued by rampant corruption, repression and poverty. We seemed to have become accustomed to reading about tiny oil-rich countries such Equatorial Guinea – surely one of the world’s best examples of the resource curse. A country, where large oil reserves fund the lavish lifestyles of the elite while the majority of the population finds itself in the undesirable position of having their basic human and economic rights not met.

Feb 4, 2014Blog

Teenage students in the 11th grade (16-17 years old) from 20 schools have been monitoring vital public services such as roads, access to water and municipal buildings in Palestine.

They are part of the Teacher Creativity Centre’s (TCC) community monitoring programme. The students' audits of public infrastructure projects sheds light on problems such as mismanagement, waste and incompetence.