Fredrik Galtung - Ashoka Fellow

emmi Nov 12, 2015
Press Release

Fredrik Galtung was made an Ashoka Fellow on the 11th November 2015, joining the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs.  

This life-long fellowship is in recognition of Fredrik’s role as a change maker seeking to achieve systems to revolutionise the way international development is done. 

Fredrik is the President and co-founder of Integrity Action, a London-based NGO that was founded in 2003 to find ways of making public services work better for the poor by reducing fraud and corruption and building integrity. Over more than 20 years, Fredrik has consulted on strategic corruption control and integrity building in more than forty countries.

An estimated 25% of aid and government project’s value is lost to fraud, corruption and mismanagement in developing and war-torn countries. With Integrity Action, Fredrik Galtung is re-defining anti-corruption work from top down finger pointing to bottom-up promotion of integrity at the community level. Challenging the assumption that corruption can be tackled through punishment and compliance based tactics, he founded Integrity Action (IA) in 2003 with the primary objective of fixing problems through collaboration and constructive engagement.

Integrity Action’s Community Integrity Building approach has helped local organisations monitor - and fix - hundreds of projects affecting around 5 million people until now across more than a dozen countries, helping to fix roads, dispensaries, water systems and schools. 

The innovation Integrity Action seeks to bring to the world of international development is making sure that other people’s money does what it’s meant to do. If we can make the funds already allocated and committed to poverty alleviation - both domestic and foreign - actually deliver as intended that would be the equivalent of channelling billions in additional dollars into development. 

At the Ashoka award ceremony this evening Fredrik will say “My goal is to turn DevelopmentCheck into the Tripadvisor for development. Like Tripadvisor it functions autonomously and with full transparency. Autonomy is critical because it means we don’t have permission from Oxfam, the World Bank or a ministry of public works before communities can start working on the problems that concern them. And transparency means that the findings are there for all to see. 

Global tourism today is unthinkable without the likes of Tripadvisor, ratings or Yelp. Within five years we want to make DevelopmentCheck an unavoidable part of international development. I look forward to working closely with Ashoka to turn this goal into a reality.”