Ellen Goldberg

Programme Director, Integrity Education Network

Ellen Goldberg is a highly versatile and energetic professional with close to two decades of experience in executive management. She served as Associate Director of the New Israel Fund (a human rights and social justice organization) in Jerusalem and most recently as the Executive Director of the same fund in London.

Ellen is particularly well versed in management duties such as project management (especially in the areas of strategic planning and evaluation), knowledge management and financial management (having undertaken the overhaul of financial systems). 

In terms of her academic credentials, she has a BA specializing in Government and an MPA from Harvard University. Ellen previously worked piloting and developing social services in diverse communities in Israel, served as a researcher and editor for the Harvard Institute of International Development.

She has been a successful fundraiser, and has a wide network of contacts in London and Jerusalem, where Integrity Action’s main offices are situated. Ellen loves movies and traveling, and has a bus-driving and taxi license. Ellen joined Integrity Action in February 2011 as a Senior Programme Manager for the Integrity Education Network.