Integrity Action winners and overall top entrant of the Ashoka Changemakers Close the Loop Feedback Labs competition!

emmi May 22, 2014
Press Release

Feedback Labs and Ashoka Changemakers initiated a competition last year in an attempt to find innovative solutions that are helping feedback loops empower people, drive better decisions, and put resources where they’ll make a difference. Their aim was to help citizens achieve better results in social services, philanthropy, and governance.

Integrity Action went through a detailed examination and interview process of our Community Integrity Building approach and are delighted to announce that we have been awarded as overall top entrant  in the Ashoka Changemakers Closing the Loop Feedback Labs competition.

The panel said “after a detailed analysis and discussion of the best projects that were presented to the Close the Loop: Feedback for Results Competition, Integrity Action’s project “Closing the Loop - empowering communities to get better services” has been chosen to be our overall top entrant, and has been awarded with an Associate Membership for the Feedback Labs Network.”

The announcement was unveiled via webchat on 21st May, 2014. Shortly after learning that Integrity Action had won the award Joy Saunders, Chief Operating Officer of Integrity Action said: “The Ashoka Changemakers Feedback Lab Award is a significant moment for us. We are delighted to have our approach externally validated by such great thought-leaders in our field and are proud to be called pioneers in the way we close the feedback loop. The decision by the Feedback Lab jury is an incredible endorsement of the power that closing the loop has to empower communities in the developing world to improve vital public services for communities so that they can access clean drinking water, safe school buildings and quality roads.”

Integrity Action has been invited to be an associate member of the Feedback Lab community and work alongside other development leaders to champion the case of closing the feedback loop to improve services worldwide.

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