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Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation (CAHURAST)

Social Accountability in Governance in Nepal practicing Community Integrity Building Approach
2015-12-16 - 2016-12-16
USD 75222
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The aim of this grant is to strengthen the capacity of existing monitors, to engage students in integrity practice by forming Integrity Clubs and to monitor 51 reconstruction projects. As in the past, CAHURAST will also engage students in monitoring the Scholarship Fund, as well as maintain Help Desks in 6 districts.

Fondation Chirezi (FOCHI)

Democratic Republic of Congo
Promoting students engagement to increase transparency and accountability in the implementation of projects in Kinshasa, South and North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo
2015-10-08 - 2016-09-08
GBP 51248
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This grant expands the activities under the previous grant with the aim of promoting student monitoring of projects implementation in South and North Kivu, in order to increase transparency and accountability. A total of 1800 students from 100 schools will be trained in Integrity, Social Accountability, and Community Monitoring concepts. After the training, students will carry out monitoring visits of 200 projects, trying to reach a 50% or higher fix rate on any identified problems.


Public monitoring as the tool for involving local communities in the development processes
2015-01-01 - 2016-03-01
USD 25000
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This grants is enabling Insan Leilek to improve of quality of service provision in Leilek, Batken and Isfana towns. The project aims to the adoption of the "Regulations on Public Monitoring" in the 3 areas, with funds annually allocated from the local budget for its implementation. 40 municipal employees are trained on public monitoring tools and integrity concepts, while 16 projects are being monitored by 40 civil society members coming from 6 different CBOs and NGOs in Batken area.

Mumtaz Centre

Innovative public monitoring techniques as a tool for integrity in the implementation of external projects for local community development in Osh Oblast
2015-03-17 - 2016-03-31
USD 14246
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This grant builds on a previous project where Joint Working Groups, bringing together representatives from CSOs and local government officials of Naryn town, discussed urban environmental problems (including water and sanitation) and developed an annual plan to address these issues. Within the new phase of the project MSDSP is supporting Naryn town administration to form a Joint Working Group to create a list of municipal services and draft service delivery standards. As soon as the list is defined and approved by the Town Council, the standards will be used to monitor public service delivery in Naryn town. 10 infrastructure projects will also be monitored.

National Taxpayers Association (NTA)

Promoting good governance, transparency and accountability to enable effective citizen participation, oversight and problem solving of service delivery
2014-12-23 - 2016-03-30
GBP 27240
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This grant supports NTA expand its pilot project on Good Governance to promote transparency and accountability in the management of public funds at the sub-national level through effective citizen participation, oversight and monitoring. Citizens are informed about their rights and obligations to create a critical mass that can effectively demand accountability and quality health service provision. 250 projects are being monitored and uploaded on DevelopmentCheck with the aim of reaching a 50% or higher fix-rate on identified problems.
Elimu Bora - Improving Education in Kenya
2015-01-01 - 2016-12-31
GBP 222274
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Thanks to this grant NTA is implementing a project in three of the most marginalised counties in Kenya: Marsabit, Garissa and Tana River, with the aim of improving access to primary level education for children across 100 schools. The project will provide comprehensive data through the School Report Card Tool intended to stimulate the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and other stakeholders to take action. At the same time, communities are empowered to claim education rights for children by demanding the Head Teachers, School BOM, Ministry of Education and the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) to take action in line with recommendations in the School Report Card Assessment Report.
Aid Transparency Pilot in Kenya - Monitoring of Infrastructural Projects
2015-04-08 - 2016-02-26
GBP 12997
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DFID is partnering with Integrity Action and National Taxpayers Association to undertake an Aid Transparency Impact pilot project to track the flow of funds on a handful of projects funded by UK Aid from the UK to community and project level within Kenya to identify how easy it is for communities to gain access to information on this project and how that improves their lives. The aim of this pilot is to capture good case studies that show the benefit of transparency and the impact of DFIDs funds in Kenya. Integrity Action, through NTA, intends to monitor infrastructural DFID projects, undertaken by the implementing agencies. NTA will also independently monitor infrastructural projects implemented by local DFID partners, among which Water and Sanitation for Urban Poor (WSUP), Sustainable Wash in Fragile Contexts (SWIFT), and Pamoja Trust.

Society for Civic Development (SCD)

South Sudan
Lainya County Integrity Project
2015-08-17 - 2016-08-16
USD 27989
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This grant will enable SCD to set up Development Committees at the Payam and Boma level. 35 Committee Members will be trained on the Community Integrity Building approach in order to monitor 15 infrastructure and service projects meant to benefit their respective communities in Lainya County. Committee Members are selected by chiefs, representatives of youth, women and community based organization based on set criteria. The project proposes to achieve a 70% or higher fix rate on issues identified during monitoring visits.

Teacher Creativity Centre (TCC)

Palestinian youth conducting social audits
2015-12-30 - 2016-12-30
GBP 39997
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The aim of this grant is to strengthen the capacity of existing monitors, to engage students in integrity practice by forming Integrity Clubs and to monitor 51 reconstruction projects. As in the past, CAHURAST will also engage students in monitoring the Scholarship Fund, as well as maintain Help Desks in 6 districts.

The Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (ARIJ)

Bethlehem Youth for Equal and Transparent Public Services
2015-11-01 - 2016-02-18
USD 55000
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The initiative addresses the lack of youth engagement and participation in social governance and development, with the ultimate goal of involving young people in the establishment of fair and sustainable local services. A total of 100 school students and Youth Councils members in the Bethlehem Governorate will monitor 5 public services and 5 infrastructure projects aiming at achieving a fix rate of 50% or more.

Youth Initiative

Youth in Post Disaster Integrity
2015-11-18 - 2016-02-18
USD 19226
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Thanks to Integrity Action's support Youth Initiative is piloting a project in 5 earthquake affected districts. The project aims at making sure that the needs and concerns of the victims of earthquakes are understood and heard, the information on relief reaches the community effectively, humanitarian agencies are made accountable, and the community is empowered to monitor activities of those agencies to ensure that what has been agreed is being delivered in an effective way by closing the loop.