Integrity in the news

2017 Posts

April 2017: Global Anti-Corruption Convention Needs Fixing: Professor Bolongaita

March 2017: OECD: Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

February 2017: A New Paradigm: Towards a User-Centered Social Sector

2016 Posts

November 2016: Do Remember the First Time?

November 2016: Holding Leaders Accountable in Nepal

August 2016: IATI’s future shaped at its first Members’ Assembly

February 2016: Empowering Local Citizens to Fight Corruption with Integrity

January 2016: A Personal and Positive Response to Integrity Action

January 2016: Interview: Community Integrity Building in Palestine and Kenya

2015 Posts

December 2015: Community Integrity Building Tool as an Efficient Means to FIght Corruption

November 2015: Tripadvisor for Development

June 2015: Does talking about corruption make it seem worse? [Article by The Guardian]

June 2015: ‘CPI not suitable to measure graft’ [Article by The Star online]

April 2015: “Sophisticated Corruption requires Education. Sophisticated Anti-Corruption also requires Education,” Fredrik Galtung [Article posted on]

April 2015: Mr. Fredrik Galtung, the President of “Integrity Action” International Organization, visited AYLA [Article posted on]

April 2015: Integrity Action President visits Armenian Young Lawyers Association [Article posted on Armenian Young Lawyers Association website]

March 2015: INTEGRITY ACTION – WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT CORRUPTION? [Article posted on Progress through business, inc]

January 2015: Taxpayers association launches app to monitor use of devolved funds [Article posted on Standard Digital]

2014 Posts

November 2014: Empowering Youth to Refuse Corruption: Developing Integrity Curricula in Universities [Article posted on UNDP website]

October 2014: Understanding the shifting demands for local NGO legitimacy and accountability [Article posted on Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law]

May 2014: CSOs push for open contracting by gov’t [Article posted on New Vision website]

April 2014: Six ways corruption undermines Afghanistan [Article posted on DW website]

January 2014: Integrity Ideathon Kicks off [Article posted on View Your Choice website]

2013 Posts

December 2013: Citizen Action For Improving Government Accountability [Article posted on Forbes website]

November 2013: CoST at the Open Government Partnership Summit [Article posted on Storify]

October 2013: [Article posted on DEVEX website]

October 2013: Report, monitor, leverage: How to 'fix' aid project misdeeds [Article posted on DEVEX website]

October 2013: Corruption and bribery in the classroom [Article posted on BBC website]

October 2013: Corruption 'stalls progress' [Article posted on Bankok Post website]

October 2013: Push to tackle corruption in post-2015 agenda [Article posted on IRIN website]

June 2013: Google announces winners of UK Global Impact Challenge [Article posted on Techworld website]

June 2013: Solar lamps, government scrutiny and Apps for Good top Google Global Impact Challenge [Article posted in the Telegraph]

June 2013: Global Impact Challenge [Article posted on Gates Cambridge website]

June 2013: Google Global Impact Challenge: technology to tackle the world's toughest problems [Article posted in the Telegraph]

June 2013: Google Global Impact Challenge Aims To Find UK Charities That Are Innovating Through Technology [Article posted in the Huffington post]