Notes from the field: Teaching Integrity Workshops (TIW) in Armenia and Georgia

emmi Jan 20, 2015

In November 2014, Integrity Action conducted Teaching Integrity Workshops (TIW) in Kvareli, Georgia and in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia. In Georgia, 22 academics from the Caucasus International University, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi Teaching University Gorgasal and Tbilisi School participated and in Armenia 24 academics from the European Regional Educational Academy, Gyumri State Pedagogical University and Public Administration Academy took part.

The aim of these teaching workshops was to broaden and consolidate the teaching of an integrity curriculum with the 46 representatives from these six leading teaching institutions and universities. The November workshops took on a slightly different format than previous TIWs as each university now has a larger core group of academics and administrators who are involved in integrity education. For the first time academics across different faculties agreed to cooperate on how to teach this brand new integrity based syllabus in a collaborative fashion.

During the workshops it became apparent that participants were very interested in Integrity Action’s innovative Community Integrity Building (CIB) approach. The introduction of community-based monitoring and the resolution of problems at community level was a new concept for many of participants. In addition, many participants stated that they have never used action-learning based approaches, such as sending students into the community to learn about context specific corruption challenges in everyday life, in their own teaching.

As a result of the workshops some of the participants are now planning to help students understand the costs of corruption and the benefits of building integrity by organising student activities within their local communities. In Armenia for example, professors of the Academy of Public Administration are now committed to teach their students on how to work with local government to provide better access to information so that ordinary citizen can access project budgets and contracts.

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