Fantastic news about the 0,7% aid commitment!

emmi Mar 11, 2015
Press Release

The 9th of March was a big day for international development as the International Development Bill became law. This is the first time that the UK has legally committed to giving a set amount of aid. This also makes the UK the first G7 country to meet the UN’s target of contributing 0,7% of a countries Gross National Income each year to developing countries.

There can be no doubt that, to date, British pounds have been improving the lives of millions of people around the world. However, this new law means that developing countries can now engage in longer-term planning and invest in much needed service provisions such as education, healthcare and access to water.

At Integrity Action we are beyond excited about this latest commitment as it will enable us to focus on aid effectiveness and on ensuring that the money goes where it should, rather than on losing valuable time lobbying government on how much money it should spend on aid.

We want thank everyone who has tirelessly campaigned for this law and look forward to playing a small part in helping people, especially the poor, have better access to public services and infrastructure.