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Jan 16, 2018Publications

In 2016 Integrity Action published their Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy. This outlines how Integrity Action looks to ensure that community members who are at risk of social inclusion are able to act with, and demand Integrity. In 2017 Integrity Action updated some of their indicators, this is reflected in this document. 

Jan 11, 2018Publications

This document reviews how Integrity Action performed against their 2017 GESI Action Plan

Nov 30, 2017Publications

Integrity Action has prepared this booklet to give guidance on how to ensure that all of our training is GESI sensitive. 

Sep 4, 2017Publications

Integrity Action (IA) has prepared this learning paper with the aim of identifying the factors that provide an enabling environment for the development of a cadre of Integrity Champions (ICs) throughout Afghanistan.

Jul 31, 2017Case Studies

Around the world we are witnessing a boom of citizen-led social accountability initiatives[1] to increase transparency, responsiveness and accountability in public service delivery. Cardinal to this approach being successful is a symbiotic relation between citizens and their government.