Siobhan Turner

Chair of Audit Committee, Member of Nominations and Renumeration Committee

Siobhan has extensive business experience in both the corporate and not-for-profit world.  She qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young in 1994, and worked in Corporate Finance with them and Hambros. 

She moved to Greenalls Group, followed by EMI where she was VP of Investor Relations.  Between the two, she had personal experience of integrity challenges, with six very unhappy weeks at a (now-defunct) listed company that tried to pressure her into misleading the market. 

For nine years, she was the Executive Director of the Institute of Masters of Wine, an international not-for-profit organisation promoting excellence and integrity in all aspects of the wine trade.  Since early 2013 she has been a freelance consultant, helping small to medium-sized businesses in the wine trade with strategy and communications, and advising private individuals on their wine cellars.

What does Integrity Action mean to you?

"On the larger scale it is the work of Integrity Action itself, striving to build integrity into development.  This enhances value for money. However, beyond that, it enhances trust, which enhances community, which reduces conflict. Stepping back, it means conducting our own business with integrity in everything we do. Finally, on a personal level, it means striving to conduct myself not only in my role as a trustee but in all my interpersonal dealings with the integrity we strive to promote." - December 2015