Philip Welply

Chair of Nominations and Renumeration Committee

Philip is a Business and Economics Graduate from the University of Southampton, with a specialist module on aid to the 3rd World; Post graduate degree was in Personnel Management at the University of Westminster. As a member of the CIPD, has Philip has 16 years Generalist Human Resources experience working in a number of sectors including recruitment, education and financial services. More recently was a Divisional HR Director within the IT industry and is currently working in HR Operations in the oil and gas industry. Specialisms include change management, HR transformation, talent and performance management, and the build and running of HR shared services. Philip is married with two children.  

What does Integrity Action mean to me?

"The impact of aid money is notoriously difficult to measure and easy to 'fudge', Integrity Action provides a tool that helps overcome this, which leads to a virtuous circle of more donor confidence and therefore more donations. Corruption occurs when the powerful have power over the powerless; compounded when there is secrecy. DevelopmentCheck is a great leveler, providing transparency as well as transferring power into the hands of the powerless.

Sustainability comes from education, and educating the local communities and especially the youth as to what is rightfully theirs, empowering them to question and to hold officials to account. Partnering: Integrity Action is not about 'doing to' but 'working with'" - December 2015