Nilima Gulrajani

Ethics focal point, Member of Nominations and Renumeration Committee

Dr Nilima Gulrajani is a Senior Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute in London, applying organisational and management theory to study trends and practices in the field of international development cooperation.  She leads a programme of research centred on building donor capacity and investigating comparative trends and policy innovations in development management. She consults widely with government, non-profit, corporate and philanthropic organisations and is affiliated to the Department for International Development at King's College, London.
Before joining ODI, Nilima was Assistant Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science where she taught international public management and global development.  She has also previously worked as an international economist within the International Trade and Finance Group at the Canadian Ministry of Finance, the World Bank and the International Development Research Centre.
Nilima has published extensively in both peer-reviewed, policy and media outlets and currently serves as editor of the journal Public Administration and Development.  She obtained her PhD from Trinity College, Cambridge, where she was a Bill Gates Scholar.