Gail Klintworth

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Gail serves as a NED, Board Advisor and Trustee with a select group of businesses and NGOs who are well placed to make a significant difference to create ‘A Better Flywheel of low carbon, inclusive Growth’.  

Gail also serves as “Special Advisor: Sustainable Economic Zones and Clusters” for SYSTEMIQ, an advisory and investment company founded to create good disruptions in economic systems that will speed the achievement of the UN Global Goals.  She has also recently served as the Business and Transformation Director for the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, which made the 12 Trillion$ case for the business benefit associated with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Previously Gail served as Executive Director for Old Mutual PLC, leading their global customer, brand and digital portfolio. Under Gail’s leadership, Old Mutual developed their Positive Futures Plan, which promotes inclusive growth and responsible investment. Prior to that, Gail held the role of Chief Sustainability Officer at Unilever, positioning the group as a pioneer in corporate, social and environmental stewardship. Earlier, Gail led a number of Unilever’s businesses including as executive vice president for Unilever's Global Savoury category and CEO of the group’s South African business.

What does Integrity Action mean to me?

Integrity Action has a solution that can help address two of the most significant issues facing our world: the lack of trust in institutions and a sense of hopelessness that individuals and communities feel about changing what’s around them.  These issues drive so much of the discord we see in our communities and countries across the globe, as citizens quite rightly say no moreIntegrity Action builds trust and hope.  This is why I feel proud to be involved with this organization.