Integrity Education

Integrity Education is a successful way to empower academics, students, public officials, and business leaders to act with and demand integrity.

After attending our on-line or face-to-face webinars or trainings, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify risks of corruption and to proactively build integrity within their school, university, institution, or community.

We also provide academics, teachers, and trainers with the tools and material to enhance their curriculums and develop their own integrity teaching to multiply the reach of Integrity Education.

Because we know that students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, our unique approach focuses on engaging students in active learning. This has led to students monitoring services in Russia, Nepali youth monitoring post-earthquake reconstruction, and to the formation of Integrity Clubs at universities.

Integrity Education provides students with practical information and gives them operational skills to understand the complexities of reality.

- Aglyan Vahagn,Yerevan State University, Armenia

Our global network of Integrity Education practitioners encourages peer-to-peer learning and sharing.

What we do

  • Provide interactive, learner-centred training for academics, teachers and public officials
  • Develop training materials and provide an Integrity Curriculum Assessment Tool (iCAT)
  • Research about and advocate for incorporating integrity into national curriculums
  • Facilitate a global network of Integrity Education practitioners
  • Share advice on how to combine Integrity Education with Integrity Building
  • Provide consulting services to business, governments, NGOs, education institutions, etc on teaching integrity and social accountability tools

Integrity Education Network

The Integrity Education Network (IEN) is a growing global network containing 462 members. Members include universities, schools, institutions, and NGOs that are committed to promoting an integrity approach to reduce corruption within their school, university, institution, or community. We also welcome individual members into our network.

IEN has worked in and continues to expand in the following regions and countries:

Arab World

The focus of the regional network is to build a community of practice with a shared vision to strengthen integrity programmes and governance reform. Members work with Integrity Action to develop curriculum for secondary schools, universities and national training institutes. Palestine is one of the few countries in which learning about integrity, social audits and citizen engagement is widespread in the secondary school system.

Egypt 6 members Lebanon 5 members
Jordan 6 members Palestine 4 members
Kuwait 3 members Yemen 2 members

East, South, and Southeast Asia

This regional network has hubs in China and Indonesia, and recently expanded to Nepal. In China, the focus is on research, promoting the teaching of integrity, training of public officials, and sponsoring Student Integrity Associations. The Indonesian network has focused on innovative teaching, curriculum development, and stakeholder engagement in advocacy. Nepal is working on establishing Integrity Clubs and is engaging with secondary schools.

China 37 members Indonesia 101 members
Nepal 1 members    

Europe and Central Asia

This regional network has grown rapidly in recent years and focuses on working with professors to develop integrity teaching at universities, to engage students in active learning, and to train public officials. The Central European University in Budapest acts as a regional hub for excellence in integrity education with a focus on business and government.

Armenia 6 members Poland 5 members
Bulgaria 3 members Russia 4 members
Georgia 3 members Slovenia 2 members
Kazakhstan 3 members Tajikistan 2 members
Kyrgyzstan 3 members Turkey 2 members
Moldova 3 members Ukraine 2 members