Finance and Funding


Secure and diverse funding enables Integrity Action to operate effectively. Integrity Action receives funding from a range of donors, including multilateral institutions, government agencies, foundations, the private sector and individuals.

Detailed and open information on Integrity Action’s income and expenditure can also be found in our financial statements.

International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

Integrity Action is committed to financial transparency, which includes within the aid and development arena. Integrity Action has supported the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) since its creation in 2008. In fact, Publish What You Fund, an international campaign for aid transparency, which seeks a significant increase in the availability and accessibility of timely, comprehensive and comparable information on aid, was conceived and incubated as an Integrity Action programme. In 2011, Integrity Action successfully spun off Publish What You Fund into an independent NGO to continue the campaign. Through our Community Integrity Building programme we work to ensure that citizen feedback mechanisms are established to improve the local accountability of aid.

Integrity Action publishes all of its sub-grants to IATI as well as to GrantCheck, both tools are common donor reporting standards to track how much aid goes where and for what purpose.

Our IATI implementation plan means that all new sub-grants are published to IATI at the date of signing the grant agreement. In this way, we ensure we meet our IATI implementation plan.