Apr 29, 2014Roads
Nepal’s road network is underdeveloped. Only 43 percent of the population has access to all-weather roads. Citizens living in remote hill and mountainous areas frequently have poor access to social and public services.
Apr 16, 2014Education, Water and Sanitation, Youth
Water shortages are common in the West Bank. Most residents only receive around 65 litres of water per day, 35% less than the 100 litres per day needed to guarantee constant access to water according to the World Health Organisation.
Mar 18, 2014Water and Sanitation
The Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo is paradoxically an area of great wealth and destitute poverty. Poor governance and high levels of corruption have deterred resources from reaching communities in need of vital public services and infrastructure.
Jan 31, 2014Waste
Waste management services in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan have vastly improved thanks to the work of Integrity Action’s partner Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP).
Jan 24, 2014Waste
When Integrity Action began work in Kyrgyzstan in 2009, the rubbish collection service in the city of Batken was dismally poor. Council officials blamed a lack of investment on high unemployment rates, saying that money generated through local taxes was almost non-existent.
Jan 17, 2014Education, Youth

The Teacher Creativity Center (TCC) believes in working together with communities, businesses, government and others to improve services for people in Palestine. With support from Integrity Action, they have established a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education in Palestine enabling them to train teachers and students to monitor projects and services that matter to them.

Jan 15, 2014Education, Youth
Timor Leste suffered from years of conflict. The Timorese people, however, are working to improve the reconstruction process, and thereby their own lives. Luta Hamutuk a Timorese NGO established in 2005, has achieved considerable success in improving service delivery and accountability in Timor Leste.
Jan 15, 2014Access to Information
With support from CAHURAST, Integrity Action's partner, community monitors in Nepal successfully managed to get budget allocated to women's projects, allowing them to secure funds for providing women with sewing classes.
Oct 2, 2013Youth

Indonesia Integrity Action has pioneered three innovative programmes:

  • Indonesia-Integrity Education Network (I-IEN)
  • Integrity at Work (I@W)
  • GrantCheck
Jul 15, 2013Water and Sanitation

When tensions reached boiling point about problems with the summer water supply in Jericho, residents took matters in their own hands. According to civil society activists, residents regularly sabotaged their neighbour’s water supply because it was the only way to get enough water pressure to fill their tanks.