Meet our partners! What impact do they have in their communities? Nepal

sean.darby May 9, 2017

Integrity Action oversees the Network for Integrity in Reconstruction (NIR), which is made up of partner NGOs from Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia. The NIR provides a platform for sharing lessons learnt and best practice, encouraging all network members to improve their approach. Every month we will introduce you to one of our local partners from the NIR; telling you who they are, where they work, and what it is they do.

May: Nepal

Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation (CAHURAST)


Youth Initiative (YI)


Nepal's Context

Nepal is an underdeveloped country with a population deprived of essential services. The UNDP’s Human Development Index ranked Nepal the 144th least developed country in 2016[1]. In 2012 a study found that less then a third of households could easily access essential healthcare services[2]. The countries problems were made worse in April 2015 when Nepal suffered a 7.8 maginitude earthquake, resulting in over 9,000 deaths and the destruction of over 3 billion dollars worth of infrastructure[3]. The impact of the damaged infrastructure cannot be underestimated. Roads, hospital, schools, water access points and peoples’ houses were all destroyed. This has left many Nepali citizens without the ability to access basic services.

Attempts to rectify this situation are greatly hampered by rampant levels of corruption. Unofficial payments to officials in order for infrastructure reconstruction projects to progress are common, and the countries ‘Prevention of Corruption Act’ is barely enforced[4]. This drives the cost of reconstruction up even further and hampers the ability to help the Nepali people. Furthermore, government in Nepal fails to meet citizens’ basic service needs, with institutions that are unaccountable and unresponsive to citizens’ voice.  

CAHURAST and Youth Initatives

Integrity Action currently works with two organisations in Nepal since 2010; CAHURAST and Youth Initiative (YI). Both organisations have their head office in Khatmandu, but also have operations across Nepal. CAHURAST currently operates in 67 of the countries 75 districts and was founded in 2006. Youth Initiative was founded in 1999 and officially registered in 2001.

Youth Initiative is an organisation dedicated to ensuring that young people in Nepal are informed about issues that may impact their rights, as well as helping to facilitate youth engagement with political and social institutions at a national and sub national level.

CAHURAST promotes human rights in Nepal to allow all members of society to live with dignity, justice and happiness. They do this by promoting economic, social and cultural rights through advocacy and capacity building. An important area of CAHURAST’s work has been raising awareness about service delivery issues and right to information, and empowering people to hold government accountable.


Since 2010, CAHURAST have trained 228 monitors who have monitored 182 projects to a value of $11,372,779. Youth Initiative, since 2014, have trained 144 monitors and monitored 36 projects worth $490,071,136. One of the ways we measure the impact our work is through the Fix Rate. The Fix-Rate is the rate at which problems are resolved to the satisfaction of the key stakeholders. The Fix-Rate is always measured as a percentage. It is calculated as the number of resolutions divided by the number of problems. Since the Fix Rate was introduced CAHURAST has achieved an overall Fix Rate of 79%, which was fantastic! Youth Initiative’s Fix Rate is lower, due purely to the fact that we have been working together for a shorter period of time, currently standing at 23%. However, this is a figure we entirely expect to go up as they continue their great work.

Moving Forward

While CAHURAST and Youth Initiative are two separate organisations, we are about to launch a new project in which they will work together. By the three of us working together on the same project we will be able to have a much greater impact by increasing the focus of our work. We plan to monitor 750 houses that are being built in Sindhupalchowk. CAHURAST and Youth Initiative will train the monitors and Integrity Action are working on developing an App specifically for this project. This large scale monitoring project is something we are all really excited about, so be sure to check back to see what results we achieve!