Organisational governance is performed by the diverse and experienced board of trustees with extensive international experience in business, finance, education, research, development, government, media, and parliamentary affairs. Our board members represent four nationalities. Each trustee has taken responsibility for monitoring the company’s activities in specific operational areas and constant regard is had to the skills mix of the trustees to ensure that the board of trustees has all the necessary skills required to contribute fully to the company’s development. They are responsible to our donors and regulatory bodies for organisational decisions. The board meet quarterly to make strategic decisions, discuss progress against objectives, review risks and approve or reject management recommendations. The board is administratively separate from the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

Day to day management of the charity is performed by Jasmina Haynes, CEO. She is responsible for implementing the board approved strategy. She is supported by a strong and innovative team who know the sector well, and bring different but complementary skills to the organisation. The Executive Management Team meet at least monthly to discuss and approve management decisions and implement the organisational strategy.

Integrity Action’s staff are responsible for project management and implementation. All staff members have detailed terms of reference and clear objectives which are reviewed annually.