Jul 15, 2013Access to Justice
When community monitors conducted their third social audit on the building of a new health dispensary in Kwale County, Kenya, they discovered that a key member of the project management committee had embezzled a quarter of a million shillings.
Jul 15, 2013Advocacy
During the 2012 campaigning period for Municipality elections across Palestine, a community monitor trained as part of Integrity Action’s work in Palestine, urged fellow Palestinians to vote in competent, professional candidates who were displaying the skills needed to deliver better local services.
Jul 15, 2013Water and Sanitation
When father-of-six Hashim Alaza talks about the water problems in the city of Hebron, Palestine, it’s easy to see why Integrity Action focused on solving problems with local services. “We’ve been suffering for years,” says Hashim. “When we have no water, we either have to borrow water from our neighbours, or we borrow money and buy bottles of water.”
Jul 15, 2013Access to Justice

“An increased legal awareness means that human rights can be properly enforced because people become aware of how the judicial system works and how they can access information”

International Commission of Jurists Kenya project coordinator Victor Kapiyo

Integrity Action has been working with local partners in order to take advantage of the new rights enshrined in the 2010 Kenyan Constitution to ensure improved service delivery for citizens.

Jul 15, 2013Education
The Noqra Road is vital for residents in Injil District. It serves the 5,000 families that live in the district, around 35,000 people, and also connects Herat and the villages located around the city to Iran. However, five months into the construction of the road, community monitors discovered that there were serious differences from the project’s plan.
Jul 9, 2013Gender, Health

Civil society activists in Kenya have pledged to do whatever it takes to overcome major issues with maternity services in their rural area. In 2009, almost £80,000 was approved by the Local Authority Transfer Fund (LATF) to build a new maternity wing at Shimba Hills Health Centre. 

Jul 15, 1960Open Government

At an open hearing session Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad promised to advance the interests and needs of Palestinian local councils surrounding East Jerusalem.