Jan 15, 2014Access to Information
With support from CAHURAST, Integrity Action's partner, community monitors in Nepal successfully managed to get budget allocated to women's projects, allowing them to secure funds for providing women with sewing classes.
Oct 2, 2013Youth

Indonesia Integrity Action has pioneered three innovative programmes:

  • Indonesia-Integrity Education Network (I-IEN)
  • Integrity at Work (I@W)
  • GrantCheck
Jul 15, 2013Water and Sanitation

When tensions reached boiling point about problems with the summer water supply in Jericho, residents took matters in their own hands. According to civil society activists, residents regularly sabotaged their neighbour’s water supply because it was the only way to get enough water pressure to fill their tanks.

Jul 15, 2013Water and Sanitation

For almost as long as she can remember, Mariam Omar, 28, has been forced to spend hours each day walking 3km to her nearest reservoir to collect water for her family. 

Jul 15, 2013Access to Justice

To the untrained eye, Kikoneni reservoir appears to be an idyllic pastoral scene as a herd of goats drink at the edge of the tranquil waters. But those in the know watch the animals nervously – willing them to move away.

Jul 15, 2013Access to Justice

Allegations of corruption have led to legal action being taken against a civil servant in Kenya. Community monitors assisted by Integrity Action gathered proof that an engineer had made false claims that a water pump was faulty. 

Jul 15, 2013Water and Sanitation

When work began in 2005 on a water pipeline to serve six communities in rural Kenya, local residents were optimistic that the work would be finished within the year, and that their families would no longer get sick from drinking dirty water from the river.

Jul 15, 2013Waste

Residents and traders have praised Nablus Municipality for making the city a better place to live and work in. Local people say the city centre and outlying residential areas are now much cleaner than they were in 2011 and before. 

Jul 15, 2013

A year ago, the challenges of growing enough to eat were almost overwhelming for subsistence farmer Sophia Mdzomba. Her husband was unemployed, and there were many times when her eight children went hungry. But the completion of an indoor market in Ndavaya, secured through Integrity Action support, enabled Sophia to establish a fruit and vegetable business.

Jul 15, 2013Access to Information, Open Government

Momentum is building in Palestine for local government to be more open and accountable to residents. Ramallah Municipality has recently approached Integrity Action partner Aman to help it build foundations for increased community participation.