Mar 2, 2015Education
Citizens in Timor-Leste have faced serious challenges securing access to education since the nation became independent in 2002. In 1999, many schools were damaged in pre-independence violence, which destroyed 70 percent of the country’s infrastructure.
Jan 22, 2015Education
This case study illustrates how Integrity Education has been embedded into training for senior public officials at the Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) with the technical support from of Integrity Action’s help. It highlights a step change in the NASC curriculum from a focus on ethics to an expanded module on integrity, which has received a positive reaction from participants and trainers and a shift in attitudes about what is possible in combating corruption in the civil service.
Dec 12, 2014Access to Justice
Many Nepalese citizens do not have official government citizenship documentation and if they do, it often contains incorrect information. Not having official documentation, or having incorrect documentation, means an individual cannot access a range of vital government services, or carry out a range of important official transactions.
Nov 20, 2014Education
Despite considerable improvements in recent years to Afghanistan’s education system many children still face obstacles receiving a quality education. There are children living in the Ghunde Yazda district of Herat city who do not actually have a proper school to go to.
Oct 10, 2014Education, Extractives/ Natural Resources
“Promoting Integrity through Constructive Engagement in the Ivory Coast” profiles the work of Integrity Action partner Initiative pour la Justice Sociale, la Bonne Gouvernance, et la transparence en Côte d’Ivoire (Social Justice.)
Oct 10, 2014Education, Extractives/ Natural Resources
“Citizen engagement to improve education in Liberia” sheds light on how Integrity Action’s partner in Liberia, the Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD), is enabling citizen engagement and oversight in the implementation of a community college in Grand Bassa County to ensure funds from extractives revenues benefit citizens.
Oct 10, 2014Roads
“Driving road improvements in Sierra Leone” describes how the Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), Integrity Action’s partner in Sierra Leone, was able to bring about an effective change in local government and reverse a decision to cancel a vital road renovation project.
Oct 10, 2014Extractives/ Natural Resources
“Bringing citizens and government together for the first time in Lainya County, South Sudan” details how Integrity Action’s partner, Society for Civic Development (SCD), is employing an approach which is unique to Lainya County to mobilise citizens and establish effective relationships between communities and government.
Sep 30, 2014Education

Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi School badly needs a new building so that it can provide the appropriate environment for children from the surrounding neighborhoods to study in. Local people have even dipped into their own pockets, contributing 10% of the funding towards a new structure for the school in Mazer e Sharif, where some 2,700 students attend classes.

Sep 30, 2014Education
Local residents whose children attend the school in Mazer e Sharif, a city where until 2001 girls education was banned by the Taliban, have had to overcome substantial hurdles to secure their children’s right to be educated in the proper surroundings.