Jan 12, 2016Education, Water and Sanitation, Youth

This case study details how a second grant from Integrity Action to the National Taxpayers Association is being used to train monitors in Community Integrity Building. Monitors employing the approach in Nandi in the Rift Valley region have begun building their evidence base around stalled projects across the province, many of which have been at a standstill for years. This case study outlines two current examples of this kind of project in Matema and Chumundu.

Jan 12, 2016Education, Youth

This case study outlines the impact of the work of Integrity Action’s partner in Kenya, the National Taxpayers Association, in the training of community monitors in Homa Bay County, Nyanza. Monitors worked to engage in a constructive and solutions focused way with local government personnel regarding the distribution of funds to local schools that were in urgent need of development.

Jan 12, 2016Youth

This case study details how UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), Ubon Ratchathani University and Integrity Action are supplying young people in Thailand with knowledge, tools and skills to build integrity in their university and country, and reach out to their neighbours in the Greater Mekong Sub-region(GMS).  This is being provided through Integrity and Anti-Corruption Education training and a creative and sustainable “Refuse To Be Corrupt” cafe project.

Jan 12, 2016Roads, Youth

This case study details how a group of students from Azzoun Boys School in the West Bank worked with Integrity Action’s partner in Palestine, The Teachers Creativity Centre (TCC), to encourage local leaders to recognise and address inconsistencies and favouritism during the course of a road building project.

Jan 12, 2016Roads, Youth

This case study details how Integrity Action’s partner in Palestine, The Teachers Creativity Centre (TCC) is bringing about significant social change through a process of community interaction and integrity building in the small town of Tammoun in the West Bank.

Jan 12, 2016Roads, Youth

‘Students successfully advocate for critical road improvements to a hazardous main road in Kurfr Dan, West Bank’ details how the Teachers Creativity Center, a local grassroots organisation in Palestine, has partnered with international NGO Integrity Action, to train teams in the implementation of Community Integrity Building programmes in high schools across the West Bank.

Jul 28, 2015Water and Sanitation
Residents in the Jany-Konoush area of Isfana town know all about the dangers of living so close to the Isfana River. In 2011, the river flooded, causing mudflows which devastated infrastructure in an area where many already live in poverty. 2km of drinking water pipes were washed away, 4km of roads were wrecked, and crops and cattle, an important source of income for many residents, were lost. In addition, 8 families were forced to move because their homes were so badly damaged.
Jun 2, 2015Roads
Since the fall of the Taliban government in 2001, road reconstruction has been a major development priority in Afghanistan. In 2001, Afghanistan had just 50km of paved roads, which explains why road reconstruction has absorbed the second highest amount of aid expenditure in the country since 2001.
May 1, 2015Water and Sanitation
Accessing clean drinking water is a major challenge for citizens living in Kavimvira and Kilomoni districts of Uvira City, Eastern DRC. Many residents living in Kavimvira and Kilomoni districts are not connected to the national water network because it is too expensive. This has forced some people to use unsafe sources of water such as the Kavimvira River and Lake Tanganyika for drinking water.
Apr 9, 2015Education
‘Attending the Integrity Action course in July was a milestone for our integrity work. It helped us clarify our understanding of integrity and plan our trainings.’ Dr Agnes Jenei, NUPS, one of the senior academic trainers.