REBRAND: Tiri to Integrity Action

joy Sep 24, 2013

From the desk of Fredrik Galtung, Integrity Action CEO:

In this announcement I am really pleased to formally announce our change of name from Tiri – Making Integrity Work to Integrity Action starting today.

We are changing our name to reflect more on the type of work we do, which focuses on locally designed actions and proactive approaches to building integrity. Integrity Action was co-founded by me and Jeremy Pope, who played major roles in anti-corruption awareness raising, standard setting, and promoting integrity and transparency from the early 1990s. With the encouragement and support of others who shared these convictions, Integrity Action was established out of the recognition that the time for awareness raising, and general advocacy had moved on to the determined reduction and control of corruption by the application of practical knowledge and skills. The time had arrived for the fostering of a broad-based global movement against corruption and for integrity in both business and government, with the high degree of professionalism needed to address the challenges of implementing reform.

Integrity Action was launched in 2003 with the conviction that integrity offers one of the largest opportunities for improvements in sustainable and equitable development. For its partners, Integrity Action provides opportunities for collaborative learning, project implementation, sharing of experiences and joint advocacy at a level that few organisations in our field can achieve on their own. With our innovative projects, we believe we have made some significant progress towards a just and equitable world where citizens are empowered and integrity is central to vibrant societies. We will continue to build towards this vision. Integrity Action has set itself a goal through 2021 to deliver sustainable, scalable, high impact-responses to concrete integrity problems that can only be achieved through a collaborative partnership informed by independently verifiable evidence.

We believe Anti-corruption initiatives are an essential aspect of sound governance, but this focus alone is too narrow to sustain institutional reform, and it can sometimes have negative, unintended consequences. Top-down, macro governance gains, such as fairer elections and enhancements in the rule of law, only rarely produce tangible, short-term benefits, especially to weak and disenfranchised populations. So we believe positive integrity measures are needed. These antidotes must be found, jointly developed and implemented.

I attach more information on our approach to the complex problem of corruption, as well as who we are, what we do and some interesting case studies of our work.

I hope you find it interesting and would be delighted to discuss our work with you further. If you would like us to contact you, please drop an email to and we will get in touch.

Please note our new web address: and our new email accounts – all staff can now be contacted as (so please update your contact details)

With best wishes

Fredrik Galtung, CEO, Integrity Action