Piloting our new Community Integrity Building training!

sean.darby Nov 1, 2017

At Integrity Action, we are very excited to be delivering training on Community Integrity Building (CIB) in a couple of weeks’ time to partners, some old and some new in Nagarkot, Nepal. Over the last year, since our last partner training in Kenya, we have had the opportunity to gather key learnings that have changed the way we train and the way we deliver our approach. It is important that as an organisation we evolve to incorporate new knowledge about how to make integrity more sustainable and more successful, even in the most challenging of contexts.

To accommodate this learning, the operations team at Integrity Action have been hard at work embedding it into how we deliver training so it is ready for our new partners. Some changes include;

A new-look CIB cycle: the new CIB cycle is much simpler and easier to understand. The latest version is designed to be more inclusive of any audience.

Constructive engagement: there is a larger emphasis on how to facilitate those more difficult discussions between stakeholders and how to better understand how stakeholders interact in order to identify the best method to speak to them. A greater use of practical exercises intend to help prepare partners and monitors to deal with such situations.

Training of trainers: to ensure our approach becomes more sustainable and embedded into communities, ‘training of trainers’ is concerned with increasing the capacity of our partner organisations to train other trainers, as well as monitors, teaching skills to deliver training effectively.  We hope to soon be able to exemplify outstanding trainers that have been able to communicate our approach to many more citizens.

An upgraded DevelopmentCheck: we gathered feedback from partners and monitors on the previous version of DevelopmentCheck with the intention of improving the user experience. Our tech team have redesigned it so it is slicker, more efficient, and easier to use.

Of course, it would be irresponsible to make all of these changes and not test them out! It is also important that we experience the training as our partners and the monitors would, in order to understand its’ limitations. Integrity Action staff took four days to go through the process of being trained, providing feedback on what could be made better in its delivery, and, for those who hadn’t been trained in giving training, getting their training qualification! We used this time to fine-tune brand new sessions and test out new ideas; and it was a great success!

We look forward to delivering this training to our new partners Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kwale Welfare & Education Association from Kenya and Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy. It will also be great to see what the partners we have worked with before think about it; Youth Initiative and CAHAHURST in Nepal, Teacher Creativity Centre from Palestine and Integrity Watch Afghanistan.

 ‘’It was a very thought provoking training. I learnt a lot about Integrity Action and it left me feeling inspired’’ Hannah Fox, Head of Finance and Corporate Services

"In parts of this workshop I had to put myself in the position of a community monitor, checking projects and services in my community - this was really illuminating. It was a bit like when management spends time on the 'shop floor', and understands better how things really work, and the challenges people face. We can only be effective if we understand the realities communities are facing." Derek Thorne, Head of Program Development.

The I.A. Team with our network of integrity at the end of our training!
The I.A. Team with our network of integrity at the end of our training!