Notes from the field: annual launch of citizen report cards in Kenya

edward.irby Jul 7, 2016

On June 22nd, National Taxpayers Association Kenya (NTA) held the annual national launch of their Citizen Report Cards (CRC). NTA uses CRCs to monitor the management of devolved public funds at the county level. Local volunteers, with support from NTA staff, audit publicly funded infrastructure projects. Then reports are produced by NTA which are shared with key stakeholders and the public. NTA then engages with stakeholders in local government in order to resolve identified problems.

This year the CRCs incorporated feedback on the implementation of infrastructure projects and services from six counties: Busia, Kitui, Kisumu, Nyeri, Kwale and Nandi, as well as one constituency: Chesumei. According to the CRCs’ findings 58% of the total allocated funds were correctly used in line with contracts, budgets and project plans. The remaining 42% of funds revealed discrepancies including ghost projects and missing funds.

Following the formal launch of the CRCs in Nairobi NTA will also hold local level consultative meetings in the counties and constituencies, in order to develop action plans to implement recommendations from the reports. The established county forums will thereafter disseminate the report. NTA will also follow-up with key stakeholders in local government as well as service providers, to ensure the implementation of the recommendations for fixing problems which were highlighted in the CRCs.

The launch was attended by Mr. Edward Ouko, Auditor General of the government of Kenya and by a range of stakeholders including representatives from GIZ, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland, the Ministry of Education Kenya, the Controller of Budget, Commissioner of Revenue Allocation and members of the general public.

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