Notes from the field: teachers in Palestine learn all about Integrity Clubs

emmi Sep 19, 2016

From the 16-17 August Integrity Action held a joint training with the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) as a first step in establishing Integrity Clubs in a number of schools in Palestine. Participants included 25 subject teachers ranging from English to Social Studies, a teacher with a long track record of engaging in social audits in Ramallah and a representative from the Ministry of Education.

During the training, Integrity Action staff explained the basic concepts around integrity and anti-corruption. The teachers all really engaged with the material and agreed that individuals have the power to make changes within their communities.

Initially, the teachers were somewhat skeptical about their student’s ability and capacity to engage with local government and contractors. However, after hearing from the teacher who has engaged in social audits for quite some time and after watching Integrity Action’s latest case study videos on road and school projects that improved after students monitored these, their attitude changed. One teacher said: “I can see that these students are achieving these results by themselves. They do not need a lot of support from their teachers as they already have the confidence and skills to be able to make these changes in their communities.”

The training really focused on finding solutions to problems that monitoring potentially uncovers. As one teacher pointed out: “It is clear that it is not enough to highlight the problems we have and the issues we find in public services, but we need to do something about it. We need to focus on working together to come up with a joint solution which can be carried out by students and the wider community.”