Integrity Youth Circle Far Western University in Nepal

edward.irby Mar 14, 2016

A new Integrity Youth Circle has started at the Far Western University in Nepal, led by Suraj Joshi, president of the FWU Integrity Youth Circle and Prof. Sheelnidhi Chand, who is the students’ resource person for integrity education in the Far Western University and HoD of the Education Faculty. 

They have conducted a two-phase training: the first one was for five days and the second one for two days. The Integrity Youth Circle has students from different faculties such as arts, business and others. They have done training about integrity values and critical and creative thinking, and they are aiming to take it to the community through community enrichment and community outreach activities. All the participants were active and excited during the training and they are looking forward to further projects on campus and in the community, to raise awareness about integrity and to demand and act with integrity in their personal and professional lives.