Integrity Action holds multi-stakeholder networking event in Nairobi

emmi Oct 13, 2016

Integrity Action hosted a multi-stakeholder networking event on October 5th in Nairobi, Kenya. We hosted this event during our annual global partner workshop, which meant that thirteen of our local and global NGO/CSO partners had the opportunity to meet with International Non Governmental Organisations (INGO) that are based in Kenya.

Fredrik Galtung, Integrity Action’s President, opened the event by introducing our Community Integrity Building (CIB) approach to the audience. He then went on to speak about the work of our partners, the impact they are having and their objectives for 2017.

After this it was time for the networking to begin!

Our partners met with representatives from the Kenya Community Development Foundation, PLAN International, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Poverty Eradication Network Kenya (PEN Kenya). The meeting gave everyone the opportunity to share their learning and best practices but it also gave people the chance to discuss some of the key challenges they face when implementing their programmes.

Asadullah ZemaraiProgramme Manager, Community Based Monitoring of Extractive (IWA) said that: “It was a really useful and effective event. I discussed two issues with two INGO. They showed their interest in having a chat with us to discuss the work that has been implemented in Afghanistan. This event actually facilitated the opportunity for us to be in contact with them and to engage them in Afghanistan. I really encourage such events in order to transfer some messages and to talk about key issues that we have in our countries”.

CAHURAST, our partner in Nepal, has been involved in establishing Integrity Clubs in schools. The networking event gave them the opportunity to speak with Jacqueline Rioba,  Associate Operations Director at World Vision. CAHURAST spoke about their different success stories on monitoring scholarship funds and projects. Ms Rioba spoke about the child clubs WorldVision have been part of developing. CAHURAST also found out how PhotoVoice could be used to showcase their work and motivate students.

Other INGO representatives present at the event said after the meeting:

"I found the discussions I had with your colleagues to be insightful and inspiring and look forward to more opportunities for cross learning and shared experiences." Mercy Kabangi, Regional Communications and Media Manager at PLAN International

"It was really nice to meet the Integrity Action network and hear about their work. We spoke briefly with Jasmina about some possible avenues of collaboration. I hope we can make that happen soon." Ann Karau , VSO