Fostering “Proactive Eco-Consciousness” in Nepali Public School Children

edward.irby Mar 14, 2016

Spotlight on Schools “Integrity and Environment” Project

As the need for developing ecological consciousness in the present generation is globally acknowledged, doing so with school age children is most pressing. Children going to public schools in urban areas in Nepal are largely domestic child workers. Therefore, raising their self-esteem and promoting eco-friendly behaviour in them is very challenging, just because of the lack of tools and materials available to them. In this context, empowering the public school children by involving them in eco-activities is important not only to give them an opportunity to learn by doing, but also to make them reflective practitioners as they grow up.   Many of the children involved in the project are from schools and areas devastated by the spring 2015 earthquakes. 

So between January 2016 and mid-July 2016, Integrity Action is partnering with the civil society organisation ”Education for the Deprived (EfD)” and has provided a small grant to undertake an initiative to foster proactive eco-consciousness in public school children in Nepal. EfD believes that once a level of awareness in children is created, and they realise the detrimental effects of not taking care of their environment, they will embark upon a proactive approach to developing eco-friendly behaviour and preserving the environment. This approach includes planting and gardening, area cleaning, and a plastics-free campaign, to list just a few of the activities. They hold regular meetings and choose different strategic priorities to comply with their proactive actions. We also hope that the children will feel  more control over their lives and surroundings, by actively improving their environment for a better future.

We will continue to report on their progress in our next newsletter.