A statement from the Trustees on our anti-bribery policy:

“Integrity Action was founded on the conviction that integrity is central to improvements in sustainable and equitable development worldwide. Integrity Action has been instrumental in positioning integrity on the institutional reform agenda and is now established as a principal player in this growing field.

The trustees and senior management of Integrity Action recognise that bribery and corruption is contrary to fundamental values of integrity, transparency and accountability and undermines organisational effectiveness. It also exposes both Integrity Action and the specific individuals involved to criminal sanctions in the UK and elsewhere.

We are committed to a policy of zero-tolerance towards bribery in any form, in respect of the whole of our global operations.

Our anti-bribery policy sets out for all trustees, employees, consultants and volunteers of Integrity Action a robust set of rules and guidelines in order to prevent bribery.

We undertake due diligence on third parties with whom we work to ensure that they match our high standards of integrity, and we require a commitment that they will implement appropriate anti-bribery procedures of their own.

Integrity Action monitors and reviews its anti-bribery policy and procedures on an ongoing basis, to ensure they remain effective. “