Oct 9, 2016Blog

Reaching a milestone

Integrity Action is delighted to announce that our award winning online community-based monitoring system, DevelopmentCheck, now has over 500 projects published! We are proud of this achievement and so grateful to all our partners who continue to champion the platform and its associated app through their work in the field.

What’s new?

Sep 19, 2016Blog

“Integrity as a Way Forward”, a Mediterranean Conference on Academic Integrity organized by  Dr Teresa (Teddi) Fishman, Executive Director of  the International Center for Academic integrity (ICAI)  and hosted by Deree - The American College of Greece.

Sep 19, 2016Blog

From the 16-17 August Integrity Action held a joint training with the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) as a first step in establishing Integrity Clubs in a number of schools in Palestine. Participants included 25 subject teachers ranging from English to Social Studies, a teacher with a long track record of engaging in social audits in Ramallah and a representative from the Ministry of Education.

Aug 21, 2016Blog

Integrity Action runs two programmes:  Integrity Education (IE) and Integrity Building (IB).  For several years, the programmes were completely separate – Integrity Education spread integrity-related training through several hundred universities, while Integrity Building worked with NGOs and CSOs to encourage youth and community members to practice integrity through monitoring the delivery of public projects and services.

Aug 16, 2016Blog

Mama, also known as “Scott” on the gay social networking app Grindr, is a transgender community health outreach worker in Solo, a city in Central Java in Indonesia. She works for a local NGO of gay, transgender and transsexuals called Mitra Alam. She uses Grindr to encourage men who have sex with other men to come forward and get themselves tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. And if they need treatment she helps them get it. She is charismatic, nurturing and easily puts people who meet her at ease.

Aug 15, 2016Blog

On July 23rd, Integrity Action and the National Taxpayers Association (NTA) of Kenya hosted a roundtable discussion with headteachers currently in charge of implementing School Report Cards (SRC) in Tana River County. The purpose of the roundtable discussion was to:

Aug 9, 2016Blog
Integrity Club members from the Pygmy community near Kalemie monitoring the construction of a primary school

At Integrity Action we love community engagement as much as we love integrity education. So when the two come together in the shape of Integrity Clubs we believe that everyone is a winner!

Jul 7, 2016Blog

On June 22nd, National Taxpayers Association Kenya (NTA) held the annual national launch of their Citizen Report Cards (CRC). NTA uses CRCs to monitor the management of devolved public funds at the county level. Local volunteers, with support from NTA staff, audit publicly funded infrastructure projects. Then reports are produced by NTA which are shared with key stakeholders and the public. NTA then engages with stakeholders in local government in order to resolve identified problems.

Jun 24, 2016Blog

Following the earthquake which hit Nepal on 25th April, 2015 a number of studies demonstrated that there were negative perceptions about the distribution of aid and that relief was not reaching those who needed it. One such report was conducted by Ground Truth, who then engaged Integrity Action to respond to some of the relief distribution issues highlighted in the report.

May 4, 2016Blog
Community meeting facilitated by Luta Hamutuk

There are many barriers that prevent women from participating in community integrity building and community development in Timor-Leste.